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Symmetry Therapeutics is a massage therapy clinic located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan serving Saskatoon and area.  Our clinic provides advanced therapeutic massage in a safe and comfortable environment.

All Symmetry therapists are RMT accredited and provide professional massage therapy services that cater to clients of all ages, including children, adults and seniors.  Our services include a variety of massage techniques that are designed to relieve the chronic pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.

About Us:

We offer the highest quality of care to our clients. We are friendly and knowledgeable and care about all aspects of your treatment.  We customize each treatment to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual.

As part of our service, we will provide you with knowledge of self-administered pain management techniques such as stretching and strengthening exercises and the use of heat or cold therapy, which will help you get the most out of each treatment.

Symmetry Therapeutics is dedicated to improving the general well being of all of our Saskatoon and area massage therapy clients.



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Monday                 12:00 - 8:00
Tuesday                10:00 - 8:00
Wednesday           12:00 - 8:00 
Thursday               10:00 - 8:00 
Friday                    10:00 - 6:00
Saturday                 9:00 - 2:00


Bay 1-3000 Diefenbaker Dr
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 7K2


Treatment Rates

Therapist Rates

30 Minute                $45
45 Minute                $65
60 Minute                $75
90 Minute                $110

Natural Medicine Rates

Initial Visit (60 min)      $135 +GST

Follow up Visit (35 min)   $72 +GST

all times are approximate.